“It’s all about ME” by invitation only screening, presented at Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

September 05, 2013-Toronto- Dr. Alvina Cassiani, Dean, The Business School and Dr. Paul Griffin, Associate Dean for the Bachelor of Commerce degree programs, invited Antoine Gaber, Documentary Producer and Director, to privately screen his 99 minute unreleased feature documentary “It’s all about ME”, at Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.

The screening was part of the faculty’s fall session for professional development, and was followed by an open forum discussion with Business School professors. Humber’s innovative approach allowed participants to gain an in-depth understanding and better perspective of their student audience. The documentary will help faculty to develop teaching methods that will be meaningful to students, particularly in a highly competitive, constantly evolving market.


The documentary examined the inflated sense of entitlement among some youth; its consequences and the solutions for a better future. Generations X, Y and Z have grown increasingly self-absorbed from more than four decades of nurturing and education based upon boosting self-esteem. It’s all about ME reveals the consequences of a society driven by instant gratification, a Me, Me, Me mentality and how younger generations can succeed in the real world.


About 50 attendees benefited from attending the screening, including Associate Deans from the Business School and also the School of Social and Community Services, plus the Director of Continuing Education for The Business School and, as well as the Director of Student Access, Wellness and Development.

“It’s all about ME documentary helped deepen and crystalize the understanding between how different generations interact, and it’s imperative as educators that we thoroughly understand our students and their evolving perspectives,” said Dr. Griffin.


Other comments made by Faculty members:


“I really liked your movie. I’m sure this will spark debate, and I sincerely hope bring generations closer to each other. “


“I wish to say again how much I enjoyed the film…so right on, with my experience personally and professionally”


“Your movie was excellent! It actually made me reflect on my own parenting practices.”


“I was delighted to see first hand that my goal to inspire viewers from all generations to reflect on the current situation and discuss this global issue, while building a greater understanding of our younger generations, for the sake of their future,” said Gaber.


ABOUT the Feature Documentary:

Toronto Premiere screening during the 8th Annual COMMFFEST GLOBAL COMMUNITY FILM FESTIVAL, Saturday 14 September 2013 at 8:30PM at the Rainbow Cinema Market Square in Historic Old Town Toronto)

For more details: http://www.itsallaboutmemovie.com

Trailer:  :  http://youtu.be/Lm40W8HDLH4?hd=1