Panel Discussion After COMMFFEST Screening

We are thrilled to announce we are holding a panel discussion following the screening of “It’s all about ME” at COMMFFEST Global Film Festival. The screening will occur at 8:30 pm on September 14, 2013 at the Market Square Rainbow Cinema with limited tickets still available here. The panel discussion will begin after the film, which will be at approximately 10pm.

The panel will answer the audiences questions and share their thoughts around the generations. Moderated by Jared Kligerman (VP Business Development at Witz Education, Gen Y), the panel will feature participants from the film, including:


ANTOINE GABER – Producer and Director, Baby Boomer

In 1984, Gaber married his professional career in clinical research and his business acumen with his artistic expression by supporting several charity organizations internationally for the treatment of Cancer, HIV and Liver Diseases. In all his endeavors, Gaber has benefited from the extraordinary support from government officials and patronage of influential people. Gaber rapidly captured the media’s attention and is since extensively featured in the written press, radio and television in several Countries.

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STEPHEN TAPP – Founder and CEO at Hercules Media Group, Baby Boomer

Stephen Tapp is a proven leader in the media and entertainment sector with over 25 years experience building and operating subscriber and advertiser based entertainment businesses. His track record includes many pioneering initiatives in TV, radio and digital media including production, acquisition, sales, marketing, distribution and brand building. Tapp has been involved in startups that involved new licensing and new tech launches on multiple “first in Canada” distribution platforms. He has experience operating both public and private companies.

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SHELDON ROSEN – University Professor and Playwright, Baby Boomer

Sheldon has been teaching and writing for the stage since 1972.  He has had 17 plays produced throughout the United States and Canada. His play NED AND JACK was produced at the Stratford Festival in Ontario, Canada, in 1979 and 1980 and won the 1980 Canadian Author’s Association Award for Drama and was directed on Broadway in 1981 by Colleen Dewhurst. The play was also nominated for an Association of Canadian Television and Radio Award and was published by Samuel French in 1983.

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TRISH SCOTT – Counselor Criminal justice and Author, Baby Boomer

Trish has worked in the mental health-counseling field for over 25 years.  Her company, ReConnect Counseling was the first on-line distance counseling service in Canada.  While continuing to maintain a private practice, the majority of her clinical work now focuses on the criminal justice system.

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TRACY DAY – Vice President Sales & Business Ventures, Metro News English Canada, Baby Boomer

Tracy Day is currently the Vice President of Sales and Business Ventures at Metro Canada, Canada’s largest free daily newspaper. She is responsible for creating new business opportunities within the organization and managing them from inception to completion. Born and raised in Leeds, England, Tracy moved to Canada in 1987, after gaining a degree in geography and public media from Leeds University.

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Greg Witz

GREG WITZ – President of Witz Education, Gen X

Through a rich understanding of business processes, facilitation and executive coaching, Greg has effectively and energetically delivered programs that transform careers and lives. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s O.I.S.E. Adult Education Program, Greg is Founder and President of Witz Education Inc. Personally and professionally, Greg is ever evolving, continually learning the newest technology, marketing and social media strategies stems to keep him and his clients on the cutting edge of business.

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CASIE STEWART – Blogger and Spokesperson, Gen Y

Adventure capitalist Casie Stewart has documented her travels around the globe on her blog, since 2005. Currently working as Director of Social Media at Community, Casie has worked as brand ambassador for companies like Pepsi, Puma, Ted Baker London, Thomas Sabo, HTC, Canon and Telus. And she has an impeccable funky fun fashion sense.

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CHRISTIANNE CRUZ – Account Executive, Gen Y

Christianne is a competitive and energetic young professional in the advertising/media industry. Currently an account executive at Metro News Canada, Christianne specializes in integrated media advertising for the Non-profit Sector and Pharmaceutical Industry. Christianne has worked in print, digital, and promotional marketing and has served clients like Coca-Cola, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Telus, Merck Frosst Canada, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and Rethink Breast Cancer.

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